Using the power of 
to transform your business

Team up with an experienced, innovative, flexible and human Tech Partner, and reach the full potential of your business by implementing advanced solutions, staying competitive and exceeding your customer’s expectations.

Close is good, but near is smarter

Meet the right talent at the right place with SmarTech Talent.

We reimagined the conventional Nearshoring services, so you can access the expertise, knowledge and skills that can complement your team.

By being Near, we can guarantee highly qualified and budget-friendly tech talent that will perfectly meet your expectations, help you achieve your goals and boost innovation.

We speak your language, we understand your culture, we operate in your time zone, we share your ambitions, and we are ready to get started.

You don’t need to get the job done, you need to get it well done.

Our value proposition: why us?

AI driven

We revolutionize the process of finding the perfect talent through AI. We identify top candidates and find the winning combination for your needs.

tech innovation

We are dedicated to transforming the retail, financial services, logistics, and public sector industries.

Leading the cloud,
data & AI revolution

Unlock the power of these cutting-edge technologies with the extensive experience of our expert teams. We deliver innovative solutions, drive efficiency, and enable businesses digital transformation.

but smarter

Maximize cost-efficiency in reaching your technology goals with flexibility and instant access to top-tier talent. Seamlessly meet short and long term objectives while optimizing expenses

Technologies we focus on

Innovate with Cloud Solutions

Work with a certified and trusted cloud expert to meet your business needs.

Ing-tic will help you growth with…


Plan your path to successful cloud adoption with high precision analytics, and powerful automation.

Cloud Data
& Smart Analytics

Harness the power of data to inform business decisions and deliver best customer experiences.

Learning & AI

Level up your predictive and prescriptive data insights with machine learning and advanced analytics.


Construct a cloud infrastructure tailored to your needs combining the best of public, private or hybrid cloud.


Whatever your industry's challenge is, we help you improve efficiency, agility and costs and capturing new opportunities.

on Cloud

Decrease your time to insights and data warehouse costs with SAP data in different cloud services.

Our Technology Partners