Explore how Ing-tic can assist in you enhancing efficiency and agility, lowering costs, taking part in new business models, and capturing new market opportunities, regardless of the difficulty or use case in your sector.

SAP on Cloud

Decrease your time to insights and data warehouse costs with SAP data in different cloud services.

Docux AI

Extract unstructured data from documents, analyze, search and store them to obtain new statistics.

Process Automation

From retail to financial services, automate processes within any business area.

Software Factory

Backend, frontend, middleware and mobile software development.


Tools for analytics and cooperation in the retail value chain.

Financial Services

Customer-centered computing, data and analytics.

Supply Chain and Logistics

Digital solutions built in the cloud.


Data storage, AI, and analytics solutions for government agencies.


Digital tools to provide more engaging learning experiences.


Tools for AI and migration to improve the value chain.


Utilize hybrid and multi-cloud services to monetize and deploy 5G.


Energy companies can benefit from multi-cloud and hybrid solutions.

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