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Be ready for the future with smart insights, decreased risk, agile deployments, and sustainable operations.

Reduce data warehouse costs and your time to insights using SAP data in BigQuery.

The ideal platform for developing, deploying, and managing models that streamline the results of SAP-based analytics is provided by Google Cloud.

International Data Corporation discovered that clients utilizing BigQuery for SAP had a sharp reduction in the time required to generate insights and reports, as well as a sizable decrease in data warehousing expenses.

Our customers can use the BigQuery Connector for SAP to make data completely accessible within BigQuery in a quick, easy, affordable, and scalable manner.


Faster answer times to queries


lower 3-year operating and data warehousing costs


delivery of analytics reports more quickly


3- year ROI on data warehousing investment

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Reduce data warehouse costs and your time to insights using SAP data in BigQuery.

After moving their SAP ERP systems to Google Cloud, ATB Financial saw using BigQuery for their SAP data as a logical expansion.

With this, they are able to improve data governance, provide business insights from numerous data sources 117 times faster than they could with previous methods, and make it easier to comply with regulations

Google Cloud Cortex Framework

Accelerate insights and shorten the time to value with reference architectures, packaged services, deployment templates, and accelerators to help you go from planning to delivery and set up rapidly

Top use cases

Cortex Data Foundation for SAP

SAP data in BigQuery can jumpstart ideas quickly. This includes pre-defined BigQuery views and change data capture scripts to remove modeling uncertainty, BigQuery ML templates for important situations like Product Recommendations, and plug-and-play Looker dashboards for insights into typical business scenarios.

Cortex Application Layer

Utilize microservices-based templates for application modernization and integration to securely expose and consume Cortex Data Foundation results. Allow third-party applications to consume results via scalable, production-ready APIs and Pub/Sub messages. Improve functionality with apps for low-code solutions.

Cortex Data Integration

Use the best of our data solutions and partner solutions to quickly copy SAP and other data to BigQuery to feed Cortex Data Foundation content. Initiatives in analytics and AI are improved by a curated collection of external datasets. BigQuery's Data Transfer Service makes it possible to combine data from multiple sources.

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