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Ing-tic provides a full range of digital transformation services, including consulting, analytics, and engineering

Leverage the cloud to its full potential with our services.

Leverage the cloud to its full potential with our services. We set your company and teams up for success with our cloud services.

Rely on Ing-tic Talent as your partner in solving your most challenging business problems. Together, let’s realize your most audacious ideas!

Our approach

Digital Native Culture

Ing-tic was founded in Chile in 2015, and since then, we have been working on the frontlines of the digital and cloud revolution. We have aided banks, insurers, governments, and more than 400 businesses in becoming agile and scalable by leveraging the power of the cloud.

Top IT Talent

We hire the best people in the US, South America and Spain. Our market position attracts the best professionals. We have special training and certification programs for the team to keep improving their skills. We work with the best universities to gain academic expertise and recruit top talent.

Distributed Engineering

We create strong cross-functional teams, make use of the greatest collaboration tools, comply with the strictest security standards, and continually enhance the culture of remote communication to successfully manage globally distributed projects and achieve exceptional productivity.

Domain Expertise

We have over 5 years of experience in a variety of industries, ranging from retail to finance and insurance. This expertise, combined with superior engineering capabilities, enables us to confidently and quickly create cutting-edge strategies and solutions tailored to the client’s needs.

Blueprints and Starter Kits

We create and continuously improve our solution blueprints and pre-packaged starter kits using best practices in product management to help reduce development costs, shorten implementation timelines, and mitigate delivery risks.

Delivery Models

We support a variety of contractual models, such as agile teams, fixed-scope programs, and outcome-based programs.

Agile Teams

We provide cross-functional pods and agile teams on flexible terms to increase clients' delivery capability. Cloud engineers, Cloud Architects, Developers, Analysts, QA Engineers, DevOps, and Technical Managers are all part of agile teams.

Cloud Consulting

Explore the full potential of your ideas while entrusting our cloud specialists at Ing-tic Team with the administration of your IT infrastructure, platform dependability, and performance. Work with us as your consulting firm.

Development Centers

We provide the opportunity to establish specialized offshore or nearshore development centers with delivery capabilities, methods, and security rules for your company.

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